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Coachable moment #1 by Liz Krueger
You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule when it comes to seeing results. 80% diet and 20% working out. What you probably didn’t know was that CONSISTENCY with these two elements is 100% of the way you will get results. Let me ask you this, have you ever started a program that you didn’t finish?  Have you ever been on a diet that you thought worked, but after you stopped, you ended up right where you started? Have you ever “half assed” a plan put together for you? Now, let me ask you this, did you ever say “well, that didn’t work! ” or how about “nothing ever works for me!”  And finally, did you ever stop and ask yourself WHY none of it worked for you?
You see, crash diets and fads can initially work because people are actually consistent for a short period of time. The problem is, these fads and diets are usually SO extreme and people stop after a couple of weeks or months, because physically it’s not sustainable, or enjoyable! It’s hard to be consistent for a long period of time when you are starving, or you’re constantly tired, and depriving your body of what it needs on a cookie cutter plan. This usually results in people being REALLY good one day, and terrible the next. This is another vicious cycle, because you are never on a clear path, instead your body is on a rollercoaster ride.  Not to mention what this does to you mentally!
Consistency can be applied to almost anything in your life. Let’s take your job or your relationship for instance. You consistently show up to your job every day, with the exception of sick days and vacation. You’ve probably noticed that you are much better at your job than the first day you start, and you continue to get better month after month, year after year.  Your job starts to make more sense the more you do it, you become more efficient, more successful, and heck maybe even get a promotion! Do you think that would happen if you quit showing up after a couple of months? Or just showed up part of the week, or when you felt like it? Probably not.
Same goes for your relationships in life. If you consistently make your partner feel loved, day in and day out, you’re probably going to grow closer together as the years go on and have a very healthy relationship. Less fights, better communication, and everyone is going to feel taken care of.  Now, if you’re only present in the relationship when you feel like it, you choose to make it a priority when it fits your schedule, or if you cheat…it’s probably going to end at some point, with little or no positive result. Does this all make sense so far?
Same goes with the food you eat and the exercise you do, on a daily basis. If you consistently give your body healthy foods, and give it exercise, it will thank you and reward you. You’re not becoming the CEO over night, so why should your body turn into a Victoria Secret model over night? We need to be realistic, and put in a good amount of time and effort to be our best.  It’s not about being extreme or doing things you hate. It’s about finding a healthy balance that you can consistently do for the rest of your life, just like a career, or a marriage. Will every day be rainbows and sunshine? Of course not! But that goes for most things in life. If you learn why you are doing it, and the results it can produce, you will be hooked. Our bodies deserve to be treated well day in and day out, and we forget without them we wouldn’t have everything else.
Strive to be the CEO. Strive to be the power couple. Strive to have a strong, healthy body, BUT recognize to get any of those things. it’s going to take time and effort. Why? Because it’s worth it. And everything worth having, takes time, and in this case CONSISTENCY.

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