Is Instagram Your Jam

Instagram has become a one stop, window shopping experience to peruse all the amazing bodies of the world. You scroll and scroll, and scroll some more, for endless motivation, workouts, quotes, recipes and people you aspire to look like.

It’s like walking down Michigan Ave, gawking at all the beautiful things in the window. I want that, I wish I had that, if only I would look good in that…

It can be a great social media outlet for fitness-minded individuals, and it can also set false expectations for the average person, just starting to delve into the world that is the “fitness industry.” With endorsements, bronzed bodies, magazine covers, trophies, perfectly bronzed bodies, fit couples, and lavish lifestyles bombarding feeds, it can seem that it’s an easy-breezy, gratifying, lucrative, lavish lifestyle and everyone in it is perfect and extremely happy.


Just like ANY other industry, that is not the case. There are a hand full of people with “perfect” bodies, tons of money, fame, and all the happiness in the world. Instagram is a mere snap shot and glimpse into the highlights of the industry. What you don’t see is the years of preparation in the gym and in the kitchen to get them to their photo shoots, to get a perfect picture out of THOUSANDS taken, in order to post on social media. Or how about the sacrifices the picture perfect relationships make in order to have success in the industry, the behind the scenes mental struggle and day to day mood swings to stay at the level they do, or even the filters and Photoshop applied to images you see.

Again, it’s great to aspire and admire the people at the top because they have put in the time and a lot of hard work, but just remember they are Instagram perfect, not real life perfect. They have real life issues too. They have lumps, bumps, and cellulite somewhere on their body, they have blemishes on their skin, they fight with their significant other, they have financial issues, they are extremely busy, they have insecurities about not feeling good enough, and they feel the every day pressure to live up to the perfect image they’ve displayed to all of us. We are all real people, they just happen to be in the business of fitness, where their body is their billboard.

So, if Instagram is your jam, use it for motivation and new knowledge, but don’t use it as your bench mark of success. We all are on our own journey. You may be on day 21 and the person you are admiring is on year 10! It’s takes time, effort, and consistency year after year, but nobody’s journey is perfect. Even the people at the top had to fall and fail to be in the limelight. If you work hard, compete with yourself, and focus on your goals there is no way you won’t be someone that others look up to as well!