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Our Workout Programs
Our Workout Programs
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DK Fit 90-Day Booty Builder Program

90-Day Booty Builder Program Cover
Booty Builder Preview
Booty Builder Preview 2

This comprehensive program is a no fluff, no BS approach to developing your glutes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Leveraging the science behind muscle hypertrophy and proper nutrient timing, we will put you into an optimized development state for 12 straight weeks.

Program Includes:

  • 12-Week Comprehensive Training program with emphasis on glute hypertrophy.

  • All-Inclusive Training e-book detailing the training and nutritional strategies needed for rapid results.

  • Fully optimized training schedule for 12-weeks.

  • 24/7 support from Dan and Liz.

  • FREE Customized nutritional guidance throughout your 12-weeks to ensure your progress is optimized.

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