Motivation is a Must

liz guns

Motivation is a Must


What motivates you every day? I know for me, my relationship motivates me, inspiring others motivates me and also always striving to have more financial freedom motivates me.  Those are the top things that come to mind in general, but most recently Dan and I joined a new gym because we were both looking for a new way to be motivated and take our fitness to a new level.  We found that we were getting stagnant and maybe not working out to our full potential because we just weren’t inspired by our surroundings. In short, we were getting bored.  We needed to mix it up to get our motivation mojo back! Motivation isn’t going to find you; you need to actively seek it out and take action.

Like anything, a job or a relationship, you need to enjoy your surroundings and be passionate to do well or achieve success.  Same goes with your workouts and the way you eat on a daily basis. You may “get by” or “show up,” but you aren’t utilizing your full potential, or getting the best results.  If you are just going to the gym, to merely said you went, or if you are eating well in public, and then you go home and eat whatever you want, just stop. Don’t stop going, don’t stop working out, don’t stop eating well, but stop cheating yourself and find motivation to do better!  What do you want to do better for? Who do you want to do better for? Find a bigger reason that what you are working with right now, and let it motivate you to be your best self every day. If you are trying to change your lifestyle without a plan or a purpose, you’re only making it that much harder on yourself.

When you’re trying to find, motivation think about what’s important to you in life, and what’s been holding you back. Be honest with yourself, and find a “why” for everything you do. Not one person has the same mind, so we are all motivated differently.  Have you ever stopped and asked yourself “what motivates me?” It’s a very telling question to ask yourself because it should be what gets you through every single day.


Here are a few simple ways to motivate yourself when trying to reach your health and fitness goals:


1.) Find someone to workout with you who is dependable–using the buddy system is built in accountability

2.) Buy yourself new workout attire, so you feel confident when you are working out. If you look good, you feel good

3.) Break out some old cook books you’ve never touched and make your meals more inspiring (food doesn’t have to be boring!)

4.) Download a new playlist. Seems like a such a simple thing, but music is such a huge motivator in the gym or even at home cooking up a good meal

5.) Join a new gym!  Surround yourself with people like you, who are trying to better yourself.  Find your “fit tribe” and stick with them

6.) Set goals for yourself and reward yourself when you reach them–short and long-term

7.) Engage a coach!  Get yourself a trainer or a nutritional coach who can help motivate and keep you accountable. We seek professional help in all areas of life, why not in regards to our health?

8.) Join a challenge, contest, or a race!  Having an end goal to work towards or a monetary reward is one heck of a way to get motivated

9.)  Switch up your workout and try something new.  Not only will there be a new sense of excitement, you will keep your body guessing, which is great for achieving results

10.) Write down how you feel after you eat a healthy meal or a great workout. Not what you did or what you ate, just how you felt. No one ever regrets a workout or delicious clean meal, so having a written reminder is helpful to keep the habits going


I hope this blog post has made you think a little bit harder about motivation and what it means to your everyday life. Life is too short to do anything without purpose behind it, and it’s too short to do nothing at all.  Whether it be family, money, your health, your kids, your significant other, your job–let something motivate you so much, that every day you just keep getting better and better. Remember MOTIVATION IS A MUST.