Leg Day with the Kruegers- 2017 Challenge

Leg day is the Krueger’s favorite day. We hit it twice a week, at least.

In this workout, I stuck to a couple basic moves- Squats and Leg press. I did a lot of volume without any isolation moves. Liz hit several isolation moves, targeting glutes predominantly, but still kept the volume high. Total number of sets for me: Squats 5 sets, Leg press 5 sets. Liz did about 3 sets per exercise, but hit 5 different moves.


The DK Fitness 2017 Transformation Challenge is almost here! Sign up early because spots are limited.

The challenge is officially starting on 1/1/2017

Registrations are open now, and will end 12/23/2016

Participants will receive:

  • An initial consultation with the coaches ($150 value)
  • Customized meal plans designed around your schedule and food preferences ($225 value)
  • Home or gym workout programs using the equipment you have access to ($150 value)
  • Online nutritional content from DK Fitness
  • Online workout tips and regular workout content
  • Regular check-ins with your nutritional coach
  • Ad hoc meal plans created around special circumstances- i.e. travel, parties, work events etc.
  • Cash Prize for the best transformation!

Email Dkrueger@Dkruegerfit.com