Change Isn’t a Bad Thing

Change Isn’t a Bad Thing

Liz Krueger

Nutritional Coach – DK Fitness


A lifestyle change can seem scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of small changes you can make over time; that contribute to the big picture goal.

I’ve found over the years that making changes a little at a time has made me successful in transforming my lifestyle to be balanced, but also satisfying! It’s easy because it doesn’t feel drastic, and it happens gradually so you get very used to it with time. It also doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but it can be if that’s more your style. The biggest part of making a change is being conscious of your decisions and choices, ensuring they align with your overall goal. If you can do this just a little bit each day, eventually your lifestyle will be at the top of its game!

Based on my experience and my lifestyle, I’ve put together a list of things that helped me through my transformation.  They continue to help me stay on track, while still enjoying the finer things in life.


Small steps to a healthier lifestyle:

  • Swap soda, juice, milk and energy drinks for H20–get fun/cute/masculine water bottle that you like and use it all the time!
  • Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night–if you’re not sleeping your body isn’t functioning efficiently and you’re not going to be on your A-game if you’re overly tired
  • Do something active for 30mins to 1 hour a day (this doesn’t have to be in a gym!)
  • Prep your meals at home–this saves your waistline and wallet
  • Surround yourself with people who live a healthy lifestyle, or are looking to make a change like you
  • Set small self-improvement goals each week and hold yourself accountable–each week you will slowly get better and better
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store–stay away from aisles full of processed food. Food marketing is genius, so be smarter than them
  • Build meal prepping/cooking and your workout into your schedule as an appointment
  • When out to eat restaurants stay away from unnecessary side items (French fries is a big one!), creamy sauces, oils/sauces, deep-fried menu items, dishes coated in cheese, and swap out your standard drink for water
  • Choose one day a week for alcoholic drinks,  instead of unwinding every day with a beverage
  • When going to parties bring a healthy snack to share (one that you like!), so you’re able to participate in the social aspect  but not over indulge–you never know what ingredients people put in their recipes
  • Look at your favorite recipes, and find healthy substitutes for  ingredients that may be adding unnecessary calories (butter, creams, oils, sugar)
  • Reward yourself for staying on track with healthier alternatives other than junk food –shopping, a nice dinner out, a day of relaxation. Whatever motivates you most
  • When you feel yourself wanting to eat out of boredom get up and do something active or productive–go for a walk, organize a part of your home, call a friend, or just remove yourself from kitchen until it subsides
  • Walk to places that you usually drive, if the situation allows for it
  • Learn to say “No!” Start saying no to random desserts or treats people may be passing around the office, picnics, school, or parties. Dessert is delicious but isn’t always necessary at 3 pm on a Tuesday:)
  • Swap out work happy hours with a new activity, spending time with your family/friends, or ordering a non-alcoholic drink and focus on the social aspects instead
  • Turn off the TV, and turn up the music. You would be surprised how much more active you are without the TV as a default
  • Don’t let the weekend be your WEAK end. Treat it like any other weekday. Use the extra time on the weekend to be productive and THEN relax

If you can incorporate any or all of these things into your life at some point, I promise; you’re on your way to feeling fabulous! <3