Boot Camps – 2017 Transformation Challenge

Trainer Tanner Victorian explains what we can expect in the 2017 Transformation Challenge Boot Camps.

There will be 2 1-hour long Boot Camps held over the course of the challenge (dates pending)

These are FREE to anyone participating in the DK Fitness 2017 Transformation Challenge.

Email for more info, or head over to and click on the 2017 Transformation Challenge to sign up!


  • The challenge is officially starting on 1/1/2017
    • Registrations are open now, and will end 12/23/2016

  • Participants will receive:

o An initial consultation with the coaches ($150 value)
o Customized meal plans designed around your schedule and food preferences ($225 value)
o Home or gym workout programs using the equipment you have access to ($150 value)

o Two boot camps led by personal trainer Tanner Victorian ($75 value)
o Online nutritional content from DK Fitness (recipes, cooking videos, general nutritional info)
o Online workout tips and regular workout content
o Regular check-ins with your nutritional coach
o Ad hoc meal plans created around special circumstances- i.e. travel, parties, work events etc.
o Cash Prize for the best transformation